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“It looks like a bomb”

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“It looks like a bomb”

A month ago, my younger brother-in-law asked me to help him with a science project that would get him some serious extra credit (over achievers!). The assignment was to create a working seismometer. Sounds like a job for the almighty Arduino, doesn’t it?! We asked the teacher and she answered with an enthusiastic “YES!” I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce him into the world of electronics and maybe even peak his interest…so I ordered the parts and last night, we started to build.

We finally had the breadboard / sketch code worked out, and started the physical mount/build process last night. Below is what we came up with…we call it “Seismoduino”. At present, there are 2 “modes”, meter mode and graph mode. In meter mode it takes the readings from the ADXL322 accelorometer and feeds them to our little array of LEDs which display the readings as a meter. In graph mode, the information is sent to the COM port and graphed by some Processing 1.0 code. We’re still working out the kinks and features, but should be finished soon. Once we’re ready there will be some more (better) pictures and even some video…