Hangman prototype…

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Hangman prototype…

Hangman Prototype

A few months ago I was wrestling with getting my 16×2 parallel LCD to work with an Arduino for a few hours, until I decided it had to be broken. All I was getting was garbled characters and solid blocks. A few months later, I picked it back up and did some more playing, and eventually got it working. Now to learn how to print custom characters to it…I learn by doing, so I decided to make a hangman program. Below are pictures of the perf-board rendition of a shield for connecting the LCD, a few potentiometers, a tactile switch and a speaker for noise-making fun. At this point the code works well, but I’ve got some ideas for improvement and a box is in the making. Perhaps I’ll even submit it to Brico Geek “Let Arduino Play” contest : )

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  1. Replys
    will you share your code?
    • ReplyDan
      Source code and string library files are available via links in the description of the finished project which is posted here.
  2. ReplyAdam
    Hey Dan!..awesome work..If u could, would u please tell me or list down the components that u have used in the making of the board...thx a lot! :)
  3. ReplyDan
    Adam, thanks! There weren't any special components used in the making of the board. Simply a tactile button (nav), 10K potentiometer (nav), 5K potentiometer (lcd backlight), and a PC speaker. Hope that helps!
  4. ReplyAdam
    thx for the quick info..wat i'm tryin to understand is, wats the interface/ connection between the common circuit board and the IC board..and is the tactile button available commonly or do i have to look out for somethin else..sorry for all the doubts :) .. the thing is i'm into the software section..and hardware ain't quite my piece of cake.. :P though i'm tryin to learn it... wanted to understand and carry out your work into my project.. if its possible or if u have other pictures of the circuit diagram tht probably lists down any small components also would really be of great help..if u do could u please mail e'm to me?..only if its not a problem ... thx once again! :) id: adam.dsouza1@gmail.com
  5. ReplySumi
    Nice work Dan..! Good luck..!