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Hangmanduino is complete! A word is selected at random from a list of 10 words. This could be set higher, but for demonstration purposes, it’s 10. The user scrolls through the alphabet to select a letter using the potentiometer on the front of the case. To select a letter, the user pushes down on the potentiometer. Schematics, pictures of the build and demo video can be found below…click here to download the source code, but keep in mind you will need to download the string library as well to compile this code.

hangmanduino_5 hangmanduino_4

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  1. Replychicosoft
    With this cool project you have conviced me that i have to start in the world of arduino. How did you compile te code for arduino? Thanks
  2. ReplyDan
    Hey chicosoft, that's great to hear. Arduino is a great platform, especially if you're new to the AVR/microprocessor environment like me. To compile code, just go to www.arduino.cc and download the latest IDE (currently version 0017) for the OS that you're running. Have fun!
  3. ReplyJosiah Ritchie
    I like it, but am most interested in the case. It looks pretty sharp in the video. I was thinking about putting a case like that together and would enjoy hearing what you learned in assembling yours.
  4. ReplyDan
    Sure thing Josiah. The metal part of the case comes from the side of a computer case. I just measured everything out on paper and made sure that it would be big enough to fit my Arduino and make-shift shield and made the cut. I put the bends in the metal with some clamps and some scrap 1x1 pieces. I'll reference the Make Magazine article on making a chair from a grocery cart...something similar to that. The rest was careful measuring and planning and grinding down the edges. The finish is 2 coats of regular old Rustoleum black with a clear coat. The bottom is made out of some scrap plywood painted black, the sides are some AC grade plywood I had which I stained. I make guitar effects pedals too, so I have some plans rolling around in my head to make a similar case completely out of metal. It would only be 2 pieces bend and held together with some screws on the top and back. Perhaps someday I'll play with that and draw/share the plans with everyone. For now, I'd be willing to share the measurements with you if that's something you'd be interested in.
  5. Replychicosoft
    Hello, thanks for your reply, i was looking to the prog, i am really new to this. how do i compile with the librarys? put the in some folder? i will try to make one, tomorrow i will buy my first arduino, what do you think about: "Arduino Duemilanove with Atmega328" it comes preburned with a bootloader, i think that is a good choice rigth?
  6. ReplyDan
    Chicosoft, indeed all you need to do to make use of a library is put the files in the "yourarduinoroothardwarelibraries" folder. Then close the IDE and re-open and you should be able to use it. Duemilanove w/ATMEGA328 is fine, and probably the most common Arduino board available. However, there are tons of options...http://www.freeduino.org/ is a good site that lists all the different boards and reditions, along with some other Arduino projects/references. Good luck on your endeavors!
  7. ReplySid Guglielmino
    This is a fantastic effort. Well done! I've been fiddling with Arduino and an LCD for a while but didn't think you could push it this far. Excellent job, and thanks for sharing the code. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from it.
  8. Replychicosoft
    Hello, thanks for you answers, you help a noobie in this area. Today i will receive my first arduino, i will start to try doing the basics that are in the program, and then i will go to your project. Can you explain that 10K resistance in the contrast and Control? Is that a push button with a 10K resistance? Thanks for all
  9. ReplySid Guglielmino
    Dan Just tried building one of these. Had all the bits so the whole process only took about 15 minutes and your code worked first time once I changed your "LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10);" to suit my display "(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);". Thanks again.
  10. ReplyDan
    Sid, great to hear! I'm glad you had a good time and perhaps even learned a trick or two from the code. God knows I was banging my head for quite a few nights and I'm glad to see my efforts go to good use.
  11. ReplyDan
    chicosoft, the 10K "resistance" symbols in the schematic are potentiometers. The contrast pot controls the contrast of the LCD and the control moves the selections in the game.
  12. ReplyMarcos
    This is very cool too! You are very creative!!!! Man, now you got a number one fan in Brazil!
  13. ReplyDan
    HAHA! Awesome! Thanks Marcos!
  14. Replymaidbloke
    What a great project, an ideal application for the Arduino - and nicely finished too. Well done.
  15. ReplyMaik
    Can somebody help me? I'am trying to upload the library to me arduino board mega 2650. But I get an error message: sketch_nov22a.cpp: In function 'void newWord()': hangmanduino:109: error: 'class String' has no member named 'getChars' What does it mean?
  16. ReplyDan
    Maik, I too recently tried to compile my Hangmanduino code in v0021 of the IDE and experienced the same issue. Please see my latest post for the updated code: http://www.nerdybynature.com/index.php/2011/11/hangmanduino-update/
  17. ReplyMaik
    Thank you! Now everything went well! With the pot I can select the letters but the switch wont work. Every time I press the switch nothing happens but the display gets darker?
  18. ReplyMaik
    Ah.I know the error. In the schematic the switch is on digital 5 but it must be on digital 6 !!
  19. ReplyJohn
    Hi Dan, Even when i know what word it want me to guess, when i select a letter, it always treat it as wrong and draw a part of the hangman. So i can't even guess one letter right even though i know that word. can you help? thanks
  20. ReplyTony
    It's been a while since you released hangduino, but I modified your sketch for a geocache container. The cacher must play and win Hangman before the container can be opened. Here is a link of it in operation: https://youtu.be/vHgjwVQTX6o I added a couple of lights and a servo, but it's almost all your work. Thanks very much for sharing your talent.
  21. Replyshant
    hi I am having the same problem as John where every character inputted is seen as the wrong character. Did anyone solve this issue? Please help thanks
  22. ReplyMichael John Lynch
    Hi, I made your hangman game into a lockbox, where solving all the words opened the box, I swapped the LCD for an OLED and used a rotary encoder for ipunt Thank you very much for this design
    • Replyadmin
      So cool! Thanks for sharing.