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PowerCLI VMWare Snapshot Report

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Remember that application update you were doing at 2AM three months ago? You know, the one where step 1 in your change document was to take a VMWare snapshot of the VM you were about to make changes to? Of course you do, because you’re a good admin like that. We’ve all been there, you take a snapshot of a VM and after a successful change you jump right to the “Miller time” step, completely disregarding the “remove snapshot step”. Well instead of being reminded that you left that snapshot hanging out there with a full datastore, you should schedule this report to run daily or weekly and save yourself the headache.

You can download the script or view the source from my git repo.

Powershell DHCP Scope Utilization Monitor

Windows Server 2012 brings PowerShell capabilities to tons of Windows services. This quick little script makes use of some of these new capabilities as they apply to Windows DHCP services. I wanted to create a script that monitors DHCP scope utilization to ensure I have plenty of free leases available in all of my scopes – so that’s exactly what this script does. Use task scheduler to run the script at some interval and rest assured your clients will always get an IP address right when they need it most. Enjoy!

You can download the script or view the source from my git repo.