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Poor man’s BoArduino

Poor man’s BoArduino

I was thinking about buying a BoArduino for easier prototyping…it’s easy and cheap, but not as cheap as I am apparently. I decided to build my own instead using an old proto board, some pin headers and CAT5 cable I had laying around. It’s not nearly as pretty, but just as functional, and I don’t need to reload my code to the arduino I plan on using in “production” because I actually built it in shield format. I’m working on a prettier version, using that as a pet project for learning Eagle PCB layout. But for now, this works just fine.

poor_mans_boarduino_06 poor_mans_boarduino_07 poor_mans_boarduino_02

Arduino night light

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I received my first Arduino in the mail the other day. Of course I went through all the tutorials and started tinkering right away. But I won’t bore you with those details…God knows there are too many “I plugged in an LED and got the Blink program running” out there already. But I did design a quick little circuit that I thought might be handy as a tutorial for beginners (like myself).

For the physical setup, all you need is an LED with a 220Ω resistor connected to pin 11, and a photocell connected to pin 2 with a 5V pulldown configuration (see pictures). I’ve attached the sketch code to the post…upload the sketch to your Arduino and say goodbye to the boogie monster.

You can download the script or view the source from my git repo.